Custom made Orthotics are insoles that you place in your shoes which allow your feet to maintain a neutral position and allow the right amount of movement in the joints of your feet. The feet are the foundation of the body and any biomechanical problems can lead to problems higher up in the body including the knees, hips, pelvis, low back, mid back and even the neck.

Many people benefit from Custom Foot Orthotics as the feet are the beginning of the kinetic chain and almost everyone can develop pain or discomfort somewhere along the kinetic chain due to an imbalance in the feet. By allowing the feet to maintain a neutral position and allowing only the right amount of movement, it will allow the rest of the joints in the body to maintain a neutral position as well. Many times postural issues can be fixed by providing proper support for the feet with Custom Made Orthotics.

Many foot problems are very subtle and are often not detected until symptoms occur (if any symptoms do in fact occur). Most people who are young and healthy may not feel problems in their feet at all until they get older, and because of this, it is important to have your feet checked and digitally scanned to determine if there are any biomechanical imbalances early.

Do you notice that your feet are flat? Do your shoes wear excessively on the outer edge? Do your shoes wear unevenly? Does one of your pant legs drag on the ground more than the other? Do you have bunions that seem to get worse as you get older? Do you have calluses on the bottom of your feet? Do your have pain in your feet? Do your feet hurt after standing for prolonged periods? Do you have plantar fasciitis? Do you have scoliosis? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is important you get your feet and the rest of your body checked.

As I mentioned, feet affect the whole body and may be the cause or may be contributing to problems higher up in the body. We take an average of 10,000 steps a day and if the feet are not functioning properly, many people’s bodies will revert back after taking a few steps post-adjustment. This is why it is important to check every patient’s feet both visually as well as with a 3D Digital Laser Scan. If any biomechanical imbalances are recognized, they can be addressed.

Custom Orthotics from Footlevelers are an AMAZING complement to Corrective Chiropractic care as they allow allow for a stable foundation (much like our houses are built on a stable foundation) on which each adjustment can build on the last. This is how we get structural change within the body.

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