Dr. Frank P. Antolcic

Harris Road Chiropractic.

“My mission is to improve the health of as many families as possible by removing SUBLUXATION and allowing the innate intelligence of the body to flow along the nervous system without interference. When we remove stress from the nervous system, we allow the body to do its work in a normal manner. Sometimes there is no explanation, it just happens and we watch people’s lives change.”


Dr. Frank P. Antolcic

Harris Road Chiropractic

My main goal is to educate people about the nervous system, how the body functions and heals and how we can live life to our fullest potential with Chiropractic Care.

I have invested in the highest technology testing equipment so I can serve my patients as best as I can. When we know the “why” behind our “symptoms,” we can adjust the cause and watch people change as their bodies begin to heal.

Services We Provide

We treat every pain with a unique approach and fresh thinking.


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About Dr. Frank

Dr. Frank graduated from University of Western States in 2006 and is the owner of Harris Road Chiropractic. As a husband, father, educator, speaker and Chiropractor, he understands the importance of being pain free and leading a vibrant and healthy lifestyle. His promise to you is to provide his undivided attention to your specific health and wellness needs, which is your greatest asset. His goal is to educate and empower people on the benefits of Chiropractic, a healthy clean diet, proper exercise and healthy overall lifestyle. Learn more..

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